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We provide a full supply, design and balustrade installation service to both domestic and commercial customers. 

Our experience within the industry is what sets us apart from our competition. We simplify the process of deciding which product is best for your project, focusing on design and safety always.


We'll  liaise with contractors and private individuals alike to help manage this aspect of your build, offering only sound construction advice.

Based in Staffordshire, operating all over the UK, we welcome both domestic and commercial enquiries. 


Cleanly-designed, high-quality handrail systems combined with attention to detail and well thought out installation processes allow for great end results.

 Our products are available for every possible interior or exterior space. Stairs, landings, patios and balconies are just a few examples of where our products can be used.

Purchasing your balustrade system direct from us gives you the peace of mind that your installation is going to run smoothly, ensuring you're purchasing the right product for the job at hand.

Need Inspiration?


If you're looking for outdoor glass balustrades you're in the right place, we've got a comprehensive collection of balustrade installations which will help you visualise your future project. 

nubal logo yellow-black-01-01.png

What Next?



Get in touch with us.

If you have no idea what your looking for or if you already have an idea of your desired balustrade simply email or call with your enquiry. Drawings, photos or measurements are handy to have at this stage.



At this stage we'll recommend our design and construction advice. A site meeting can be arranged to look at the project in detail.

Getting in touch early in the build stage is a good idea to ensure your fixing detail is suitable for the product desired. 



Once your happy with the options for the design of the balustrade we'll then offer the associated costs.

Some customers like to have more than one balustrade design quoted for, giving them options within their budget.



Now you've chosen your product and your happy with the cost, we'll formalise the order, generating delivery dates and provide drawings and certification for  the product. 



We'll arrive with suitable materials and fixings to carry out the installation. Sometimes the install is  carried out  in two separate visits, the framework installed and templete measurements for glass taken.



Not all installations require two visits from the install team. But where necessary we'll make a return visit to install the glass panels which were ordered after the balustrade framework had been installed.

Certification and safety.


A railing system needs to do more than just look good. Installed on stairs, on a balcony, in an atrium or anywhere else a railing system needs to provide utmost safety. It should protect people from falling. Therefore it is no surprise that quality and safety are an essential part of our installations.

Our systems have been tested in standard construction scenarios to ensure building control approval is achieved. 

Issued by the British Standards Institution (BSI), this regulation specifies a code of practice for protective barriers in and around buildings. Barriers must meet minimum height requirements and be able to withstand various forms of load, as stipulated in building regulations and BS 6180. Guidance regarding the load-bearing capabilities of infill barrier panels is also outlined in BS 6180.

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