Base Clamp Balustrade 



Design, design, design, do we really need to say anymore?! When our clients are looking for something special  to make their installation stand out from the rest, this is quite possibly the product for the job.

A beautifully engineered product which offers both stylish looks and strong safety performance, mainly used in the domestic balustrade installations where clients are more focused on design rather than meeting commercial requirements.


Installed using one central fixing through the clamp into the structure, this  balustrade is mainly installed into concrete or steel applications. Glass is drilled and secured with a safety pin to stop any movement in the panel and to offer added security on the glass in an external application. 

Take a look at the possible applications below and envisage your installation and get in touch with our team should you have any questions about this balustrade installation or about our stainless steel glass clamps.

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